A Guide to the Best Sedona Hiking Trails

Hiking in Sedona offers the opportunity to explore one of the country’s most memorable landscapes. Whether it’s your first trip to the area or you’re an experienced hiker, you’ll benefit from working with our hiking tour guides. Discovery Treks can offer new routes through the Sedona mountains and help you learn more about the history of the region as we move forward. It’s why so many are now booking their place on our upcoming Sedona hiking trail through the Wilson Canyon.

Your access to panoramic views over Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona

From the moment you leave your car and join our hiking group at the foot of Wilson Mountain to the moment we arrive at the mountain’s summit for our night of camping, you will experience the unparalleled beauty of Sedona. This latest tour is designed to give you an up-close view of the changing landscape at Wilson Canyon and Wilson Mountain and will test even skilled hikers.

The hike to the summit is a 2,300-foot climb and includes some challenging landscape but the views throughout the journey or more than worth the exertion. At the peak of Wilson Mountain, you’ll join the tour group in a truly transcendent experience as you look over hundreds of square miles of scenic canyon country.

A fully-featured trail tour

As part of your tour, you will have all meals catered from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on Day 2. You will also be led on the tour by a highly-experienced and certified backpacking guide, to whom you can address any questions or concerns along the route. You will be provided with all the required hiking gear, including sleeping bags, trekking poles, and a double-occupancy tent. In addition, all permits and fees are paid for as part of the trip.

Turn to Discovery Treks for your first-hand introduction to the Sedona landscape

Our trusted team at Discovery Treks is here to guide you as you experience the best hiking trails in Sedona and the surrounding area. We have great experience in guiding hikers and can respond on short notice to questions about our tour options. Call now to book your upcoming Sedona hiking trail tour.