A Guided Grand Canyon Adventure: See the World Like Never Before

Have you been lacking a bit of excitement in your life? Perhaps you simply have a visit to the Grand Canyon on your bucket list; either way, taking a guided tour is one of the best ways to experience its majestic views and natural wonder.

If you’ve been itching to go on a grand canyon adventure, then the seasoned guides from Discovery Treks would love to hear from you. Below we’ve gathered some information on a few of our more popular tours.

Get Up Close & Personal

For those who aren’t content at simply viewing the Grand Canyon from afar, you can get up close and personal with it by embarking upon a hike to the river. After spending a few hours along the trail in Grand Canyon National Park, you’ll cross the suspension bridge over the Colorado River. Passing Phantom Ranch on your way to the famous Indian Gardens Campground, witnessing breathtaking landscapes and an unbeatable 360-degree view of the sunset from Plateau Point.

Two Rims are Better than One

If you want to get a better glimpse of the Grand Canyon and its surrounding area, taking a two-canyon adventure trip is ideal. You’ll hike the south rim and visit the Havasupai Falls, home to the Havasupai Native Americans. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful, bright-green waters of Havasu Creek and explore the area with a local guide that can show you all the hidden locations.

Day Hikes Don’t Disappoint

When you’re dealing with time constraints, taking a day hike can be a great alternative to an extended hiking tour. With a wilderness-certified guide at the helm, you’ll hike from the rim of the Grand Canyon to explore the area beneath it, glimpsing the unique landscapes and rock structures along the way.

Get ready for your Grand Canyon Adventure with Discovery Treks!

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