Founded in 1991 to share our passion for the great outdoors, Discovery Treks specializes in Arizona hiking tours and guided adventure backpacking tours in California, with Grand Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park, Sedona, and Havasupai Falls being our favorite destinations. Our mission is to provide exceptional adventure tours to all, while helping to preserve the natural resources we treasure so much.

Our team of wilderness professionals all share a deep passion for the wild places of the world, and a need to share this love with people from all areas. At Discovery Treks, we do the work, Mother Nature provides the wonder, and you enjoy the adventure!

Get Outside

We believe being outside makes life happier and more fulfilling. Why waste a great day sitting on the couch?

Personal Guides

Our personal guides want nothing more than to share their knowledge with their fellow hikers. Have questions? Ask away!

Epic Adventures

From multi-day backpacking trips in California, to day trips and hiking tours around Arizona, a new and exciting adventure always awaits you with Discovery Treks.

Lasting Memories

Memories are the reason why we go out and do anything. At Discovery Treks, we want to help make those memories last forever.


Discovery Treks is one of the longest running tour companies in the industry, specializing in adventure travel. We have been leading hikers through the wild places of the world since 1991, with our Arizona hiking tours, backpacking in the Grand Canyon and backpacking tours in Yosemite, California. We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests on our guided hiking tours, while educating them about the awe-inspiring natural features of the outdoors that they are hiking through.

All of our guides at Discovery Treks are highly experienced in the areas that they work and have a passion for sharing the outdoors with others. They love what they do and it shows! Our Arizona hiking tour and California backpacking trip guides are all medically trained with a Wilderness First Responder certification and CPR training, and hold backcountry food handlers licenses. They are knowledgeable, safe, friendly and FUN!