An In-Depth Guide to Havasu Falls Camping

Taking a trip to the Havasupai Waterfalls, nestled amidst the many-colored rock faces of the Grand Canyon, is a truly breathtaking experience. Along your way, you’ll see some of the country’s most unique flora and fauna, as well as have the chance to experience some of the ancient culture of the Havasupai people once you arrive.

But if you’re wondering what precisely a Havasu falls camping trip entails, the guides from Discovery Treks have compiled a guide for you here.

Day 1

On the first day of your Havasu Falls camping trip, you’ll begin your trek from the top of scenic Hualapai Canyon. As you approach Havasu Canyon and continue along the trail toward the campground, you’ll be afforded spectacular views of the multicolored rock layers, some of which are over two billion years old. You’ll also pass through the ancient Havasupai Tribal Village before unloading your gear and taking a dip in the clear, emerald-green waters of Havasu Falls.

Day 2

After a hearty breakfast, prepared by your wilderness-certified guide, you’ll head off on a waterfall adventure. In addition to passing through the more picturesque areas of Havasu Falls, you’ll also take a trek to Mooney Falls, which is more than 200 feet high. More adventurous campers can even descend down into the rock tunnels below the falls using a chain ladder. During the afternoon, it’s time to relax after a delicious deli lunch and prepare for the evening, offering a spectacular panoramic of stars.

Day 3

On the last day of your Havasu Falls camping trip, you’ll make your way back out of the canyon, which offers a different view of the landscape and surrounding rocks. Many are often shocked at how some of the major landmarks look on their way out of the canyon compared to on the hike in. By early afternoon, you and your group will have reached the trailhead and be on your way back to Flagstaff, filled with enough memories to last a lifetime.

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