Bringing Children on Your Grand Canyon Adventure Trip

Taking along your kids when visiting the Grand Canyon can be an eye-opening experience for them, especially if it’s one of their first times traveling. Many Grand Canyon adventure tours can accommodate children, but before packing your bags it’s important to consider a few things first.

As one of the leading tour agencies in the area, Discovery Treks is no stranger to helping families experience the splendor of the Grand Canyon. Below we’ve collected some tips for taking along your toddlers and teens.

Snap Safe Photos

Whether you’re embarking upon a backpacking trek or taking a day hike down to the Havasupai Waterfalls, you’ll be passing through some rough terrain. When hiking or marveling at the landscape you might be tempted to snap a family photo, which is fine as long as you keep safety in mind. Hiking the canyon from rim-to-rim provides a host of spectacular photo opportunities and panoramic backdrops, but be sure you and your children are standing with firm footing at any lookout points.

Pack Comfy Clothes

The trail of a Grand Canyon adventure can be rough going at times, so to ensure your kids stay comfy while hiking, always pack the proper clothes. Having a change of pants or two on hand will make certain that even if they get a little wet while puddle splashing or playing in the Colorado River, they’ll be able to hike comfortably in and out of the canyon.

Consider Cultural Outings

Although hiking the famous Kaibab or Hualapai Canyon trails provides some breathtaking views and natural wonders, don’t forget to take advantage of the cultural offerings a Grand Canyon adventure provides for the kids. Passing through Phantom Ranch and the Havasupai Tribal Village can be a treat, giving children a glimpse into the way life in the canyon has been lived for centuries.

Children can experience a Grand Canyon adventure unlike any other!

To give your kids the adventure of a lifetime, contact Discovery Treks to learn more about our adventure packages and day trips. You can also visit us online to see our adventure log!