Choose our Hike and Dine Tour for Your Next Sedona Hiking Trip

Known for its red sandstone features, Sedona is now the location of choice for those planning their upcoming hiking trips. An organized hiking trip can be the best way to discover this beautiful and tranquil landscape. And that’s why so many are now booking Sedona hiking trips with our team at Discovery Treks. In this new post, we’ll explain more about our Hike and Dine Tour.

Your expert guide to Sedona

As part of your hiking trip with our team at Discovery Treks, you’ll experience many of the sites that make Sedona famous for its beauty and its historic relevance. The area has a unique cultural environment that will resonate with all hikers. And with your Discovery Treks tour, you’ll be introduced to many of the historic areas in Sedona as well as given access peaks with great views of the city below.

Included within your trip to Sedona are the following:

  • Day Pack

Your day pack includes a guide and all you need to know about the hike and the journey we’ll be taking.

  • Sit down lunch

You’ll have lunch with your hiking companions at one of the many high-class restaurants in the city of Sedona.

  • Transportation

We’ll make sure you get from your resort location to the hike starting point and back. Our transportation team has many years of experience providing safe travel to clients.

What you’ll need on your trip

So now you know a little more about your Hike and Dine Tour, let’s review the items that you should bring with you for comfort and safety on your trip:

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • 2 liters of water
  • Snacks for the trail
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Comfortable hiking clothes

Turn to Discovery Treks for the Best Sedona Hiking Tours

Our team at Discovery Treks has been organizing hiking trips across Sedona for many years. We’ve helped thousands of people to enjoy the sights and surroundings of this historic area of the United States and continue to welcome thousands more each year. It’s a pleasure to introduce you to the wildlife and natural areas surrounding our part of the world. And we look forward to meeting you on your upcoming hiking trip. To learn more, call today.