Grand Canyon Backpacking: Day 4

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Granola bars are consumed in the near dark this morning, because we’re up so early that sunrise happens while we’re on the trail. After the solitude of the past couple days, today’s hike takes us back to civilization—but we’re easing into it with a stop by Indian Garden after two miles.

It’s so green here. No wonder this is where the Havasupai based all their agriculture. In addition to the squirrels, ravens, deer and people that are hanging out here, we have returned to the luxury of real toilets and running water. We have coffee and pancakes for breakfast. Dad and I are both tired and ready to sleep in our own beds again, but this trip is something we’ll remember forever, so we’re drinking in every last minute of it.

We hike up the last four and a half miles, and look back over the Canyon. There are souvenirs, and some people pick up postcards or shot glasses, but I’m drinking deep of the view. No kitchen magnet is going to do this justice, so I’m packing these memories away in my brain, willing them to stick around. Dad’s quiet, too, but the look on his face tells me he feels the same way.

Everyone falls asleep almost as soon as we hit the road, but when we get back to Phoenix it takes time to say goodbye to our new friends. I have a feeling we’ll see a few of these faces again—after all, the Canyon is grand and we haven’t seen the whole thing yet.