Havasupai: Day 2

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Day two.

I slept like a log, but we were up early this morning for coffee and breakfast. Hitting the trail early was important, because by the time we got to Beaver Falls we had incredible light for taking pictures—and more importantly, we beat the rush. Trust me, you want to have this area to yourselves. It pays to get up early.

There are lizards just about everywhere, and back at camp there are ravens and squirrels, but this was the first time I’ve been that close to wild bighorn sheep. They were just hanging out there, grazing and drinking at the creek. It was awesome.

This is the kind of hiking I’ve been dreaming of. A little light adventure, a little sightseeing, a little wildlife—and delicious Pad Thai for dinner back at camp. I’m already thinking about who should join me on this hike next time I go.