Havasupai: Day 3

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Day three, a little more relaxed than yesterday.

Of course there’s coffee, and breakfast. This morning it’s pancakes. No joke. No gross MREs on this trip—honest to goodness pancakes. We’re hiking out to Havasu Falls to hang out at the water, and get some sun. It’s a great backdrop for our lunch, too.

After lunch it’s back to Lil Navajo Falls. We had enough extra time to poke around and catch a glimpse of 50 Foot Falls and Hidden Falls. We swam the creek, even went behind a couple of the falls, and caught the last of the sun as we soaked in that amazing blue water.

Back at camp, there was enough time for some of our group to go back and explore town. I stuck around to write this, but another member of our group offered to pick up some extra postcards. I’ll write one tonight and mail it out tomorrow when we pass through.