Havasupai: Day 4

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Day four. It’s bittersweet.

We had another early start, which paid for itself with an amazing sunrise on the trail. In town, we drop off any postcards or other pieces of mail—I sent out the postcard I wrote last night, and picked up another one to scribble to myself. The stamp they use at the Post Office is going to make a great memento of my trip.

The group has really gotten to know one another over the past four days, and there are some friendships being made. After summiting the trailhead, we drove down to Seligman to experience the charm of Route 66 with lunch at a local restaurant and a little more sightseeing of the town that inspired Radiator Springs from Pixar’s Cars.

We posted some pictures on social media, connected with some of our fellow adventurers, and checked our calendars to see when we could put in for another hike. I might be striking this off my bucket list, but I definitely want to do this again.