Here’s Why You Should Hike To Havasu Falls And The Havasupai Indian Village

When you visit the Grand Canyon, it is usually the sweeping skies and rugged terrain that leaves you with a sense of awe. There are hidden gems within this landmark though, and two of them include the Havasupai Falls and the Havasupai Indian village. What makes them more interesting is the fact that many people have no idea they even exist!

Once called the Havasu Baaja, or People of the Blue Green Waters, the tribe today comprises around 450 people who live in the village of Supai. They once roamed across the upper plateau, and today live in a designated national park. To visit the Havasupai Indian village or hike to the Havasu Falls is to get a glimpse of how the earliest inhabitants of America once lived.

Havasu Falls

This waterfall of the Havasu Creek lies within Havasupai tribal lands and consists of one main chute that drops over a 100 feet into a series of plunge pools. What makes the falls so beautiful is the high concentration of calcium carbonate in the water, which gives it a vivid blue-green color. The hike into Havasu Falls is about 10 miles in each direction, starting from Hilltop and dropping down steeply before leveling out. It winds through canyons and plateaus before reaching the falls, where one can rest at a huge campground underneath the cottonwoods along Havasu Creek.

Havasupai Indian Village

If you’re looking for a fantastic day hike, a trip to the Havasupai village makes perfect sense not only because tourism is the main source of subsistence for the Havasupai people, but because you get a chance to spend time at one of the most naturally beautiful spots in America, along with the most famous waterfalls in the Southwest.

Hike To Havasu Falls and the Havasupai Indian Village

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