Packing for the Ultimate Yosemite Trekking Tour

Visiting Yosemite National Park for the very first time can be a truly exciting experience, especially if you’ve decided to embark upon a Yosemite trekking tour. If you’re new to backpacking and hiking, you’re likely wondering what to pack for your trek, so the team at Discovery Treks has collected some pointers for you.

Before venturing off the beaten path in Yosemite, consider these helpful packing tips!

Pack Smart

When packing for a long backpacking trip or hike of several days, it’s important not to simply throw all of your gear haphazardly into your backpack. When trekking through Yosemite, always pack smart. It’s recommended you keep heavier items towards the middle/core area of your pack, between the shoulder blades and lower back. Place bulkier gear not needed until camp towards the bottom. It’s also a good rule of thumb to have anything you’ll be using on a regular basis (tent, binoculars, canteen) in an easily accessible area of your pack.

Be Prepared

One of the easiest ways to make certain you’ll have a comfortable hiking trip is by packing all the right things. It’s important not to overpack, but you also don’t want to forget anything, so having a checklist can be helpful. Here are some of the most important items to bring along for your Yosemite adventure trek:

  • Hiking Boots: Don’t buy a brand new pair and expect them to be ready in a week. It’s recommended you take a month or two breaking them in before hitting the trail.
  • Camping Stove/Cookware: If you’re traveling with a tour company, they may provide all the necessary cooking equipment. However, it never hurts to bring along a spare set of utensils just in case.
  • Camping Tent: Again, if you’ve booked a tour, they may provide your sleeping arrangements. But if not, bring along a tent that’s compact and lightweight. If trekking with a partner, split up the pieces to minimize weight in your pack.
  • Sleeping Mat: Having a sleeping mat is a must for any Yosemite trekking tour. Just be sure the one you’re carrying can be easily attached to, or stored in your pack. Sleeping mats are also great for when you want to have a rest and don’t want to sit on the hard ground along the trail.
  • Hydration Pack: Having a hydration pack to bring along on day hikes or store in your backpack during longer trips will ensure you’re never dehydrated.

Venture off the beaten path in Yosemite with Discovery Treks

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