Rim to Rim: Day 2

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It’s day two of our Rim-to-Rim adventure with DiscoveryTreks, and we are up early for coffee and breakfast. Then it’s time to leave Cottonwood Camp. Our guide takes us off the main trail to Ribbon Falls, which comes tumbling out of a side canyon. It’s beautiful back here—the falls are musical, and there is so much greenery. Today we’ve got 7 miles to cover along Bright Angel Creek on the way to the campground. There are several of these side canyons, all of which lead to this creek, and the sightseeing is incredible.

We head right to the campground in order to grab some space, but once we’ve dropped our packs off we go back to Phantom Ranch. Everything here is supplied by mule. We kick back with ice cold lemonade, beer, or wine. The Ranch even has bunkhouses with real beds for city slickers that come all the way down to the bottom. We eat lunch here and then go back to camp, where relax by the creek and take in the sights.

Everyone does their thing for the afternoon, then there’s another delicious dinner. Nicole catches a ranger talk about the history of the watershed, I read a while and sketch a bit, and we meet back at camp for the night.

It’s nice to have a restful evening, because tomorrow we climb.