Rim to Rim: Day 4

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Day four of the Rim-to-Rim is an early, early wake-up, because we want to get moving. Over the next four and a half miles we’re going to climb 3,000 feet in elevation. This is tough, but it sounds worse than it is. We take plenty of breaks, and every mile and a half there’s a stop for water. No one is going to fall out, we’re all staying hydrated. And anyhow, it’s so beautiful that I hardly think about how tired I am.

When we get to the top, we play tourist for a bit to pick up souvenirs and grab lunch. We’re all electric with excitement after our accomplishment, so we burn off that last rush of energy and then around noon or one we meet up again and get back in the car. Everyone is exhausted, and most of us sleep for the next four hours on the way back to the Valley.

Our guide drops us off where he picked us up. People who left Phoenix as strangers are coming back as friends. Nicole is giving them all crazy looks and planning a reunion trip. She’s already made a Facebook group for everyone. We can’t wait to do Havasupai or a more remote backpacking adventure in the Grand Canyon.

Tonight I’ll be sleeping in the city but dreaming of the canyon.