The Best Domestic Hiking Trails In The United States For Adults

There are a number of reasons why the Grand Canyon routinely finds itself mentioned among the best domestic hiking trails in Northern Arizona. Adults who love the outdoors find much to appreciate in the sweeping vistas, historic sites and ancient landmarks strewn liberally across these hiking trails.

Another popular choice is the Havasu Falls tour, which is a great way to explore one of the most sought-after hiking destinations in the Southwest with the help of certified wilderness guides. Camping at Havasu Falls gives you amazing hikes through the Grand Canyon, lessons about the Havasupai people, jaw-dropping views of the massive Grand Canyon and beautiful blue-green waterfalls unlike no other in America.

Classic Hiking Trails

If you’re looking for a year-round moderate hike, with backpacking and camping over 3-4 days, one of the best domestic trails in Northern Arizona is a classic hike to the river at Grand Canyon National Park. It starts at the South Kaibab Trail and moves 7 miles down Bright Angel Campground before crossing the Colorado River via a suspension bridge. You can then set up camp, hike to the Colorado River, relax near Bright Angel Creek or visit historic Phantom Ranch. Day two takes you on the world famous Bright Angel trail towards Indian Garden Campground and offers 360 views of the sunset at Plateau Point. The third day comes to a close with a 4.5-mile hike up to the South Rim.

Camping At Havasu Falls

Few domestic hiking trails in North America are more spectacular than a camping trip to the Havasu Falls, which drops over 100 feet into a series of plunge pools. Located in the Havasu Creek, within Havasupai tribal lands, it offers a hiking trail that winds through canyons and plateaus before you arrive at a campground along Havasu Creek. For a glimpse of life in early America, there is nothing to beat this experience.

Domestic Hiking In Northern Arizona

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