Tips for Your Hiking Trip to Sedona’s Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Sedona, AZ, is a great location for outdoor adventures, especially for those who love to hike and take in some beautiful sights along the way. One of the leading destinations in the area is Dead Horse Ranch State Park, which sits nestled in Arizona’s scenic Verde Valley. The park is quite large (423 acres) so getting around and seeing all the sights it has to offer is no easy task.

For this reason, being prepared with a few trip tips is often a good idea, so the team from Discovery Treks has collected some for you here. Be sure to keep these in mind for your next Sedona hiking trip to Dead Horse.

Do Some Research

Knowing a bit of info about Dead Horse Ranch State Park before visiting can be helpful. There are more than 150 separate campsites and 23 of them are group camping sites. If you plan on staying overnight, be sure you’ve identified some good potential camping areas so you can take a load off and relax after hiking all day. There are more than 10 miles of hiking trails located throughout the park, so having a map handy and planning your route in advance is also recommended.

Bring the Family

If you’re planning a Sedona hiking trip for the whole family, Dead Horse Ranch State Park is a great location to visit. This is because there’s a wealth of things to do for both young and old adventurers. In addition to the wealth of hiking trails mentioned above, there are also plenty of mountain biking and horseback riding trails for the more active family members. There are also a host of breathtaking picnic sights so you can all meet up for lunch each day.

Pack Smart

When visiting Dead Horse Ranch State Park, packing properly will allow you to have a more comfortable trip. For those who plan on hiking the trails, wearing comfy clothes and hiking boots is essential, just make sure to break in those boots beforehand. Even if you don’t plan on hitting the trails, wearing hiking shoes or sturdy sneakers is recommended to easily navigate the rocky terrain. Also, pack lots of water and don’t forget the camera: there’s a wealth of unique flora and fauna you’ll want to snap photos of, trust us.

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