What to Expect on Your Bright Angel Trail Tour

Backpacking in Arizona through the Grand Canyon can be a wonderful way to see the beautiful landscapes and natural wonders Grand Canyon National Park offers. Many who visit choose to trek from one end of the canyon to the other along the rim, soaking in the spectacular views and stopping on occasion to cool off in the creek.

If you’re backpacking in Arizona, here are a few things you might see along the way as you follow the Bright Angel Trail.

Setting Out from Cottonwood Campground

Many who tour the Grand Canyon from rim-to-rim often start out at Cottonwood Campground, following the trail that winds along the banks of Bright Angel Creek. A little further (7 miles) down the path you’ll find Phantom Ranch, where you can stop and refresh yourself with an ice cold lemonade or soak in the crystal clear Ribbon Falls.

Crossing the Colorado River

Once you get back on the Bright Angel Trail, you’ll cross the mighty Colorado River on your 5-mile hike to the Indian Garden Campground. From the suspension bridge, you’ll be able to see a panoramic view of the surrounding canyon. Once arriving at the campground, you can relax and marvel at the 360-degree view of the area offered by the famous Plateau Point.

Come Full-Circle

After a good night’s rest, you’ll hike the remaining 4.5 miles to the beginning of the Bright Angel Trailhead, completing your full-circle backpacking tour of one of the nation’s most magnificent landmarks. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for the accomplishment.

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