What to Expect on Your Grand Canyon Guided Tour

If you haven’t visited the Grand Canyon before, you might be wondering what you can expect, especially if you’ve booked one of the exclusive Grand Canyon guided tours from Discovery Treks. To prepare you for your visit, we’ve compiled a brief list of some of the sights you can count on seeing.

Here are just a few of the things you can expect on your Grand Canyon adventure.

  5 Items You’ll Encounter on Your Grand Canyon Guided Tour  

  1. Wildlife

If you’re an animal lover then be prepared to catch a few glimpses of some of the country’s most magnificent fauna. At any time of the year, one can expect to see a laundry list of animals native to the area surrounding the Grand Canyon: everything from California condors to bighorn sheep.

  1. Crowds

Embarking upon a Grand Canyon camping or hiking trip, don’t surprised if you see a lot of others on the trail, or at the main viewing areas. During the more crowded times of the year, millions of visitors come to the canyon. Some of the more remote areas, such as the western rim, are a bit more secluded.


The Grand Canyon is known for its breathtaking views. Visitors can take advantages of the multitude of viewing areas in both the northern, southern and western rims. If you’re a camera buff, be sure to keep yours handy, as the views, coupled with the flora and fauna in the area make for a multitude of photo opportunities.

  1. Exercise

If you plan on hiking during your custom Grand Canyon tour, then expect quite a workout. Taking a rim-to-rim tour is one of the best ways to see the canyon in its entirety, but you’ll also be walking 4-7 miles each day over some tough terrain. Be prepared by packing extra water and snacks to give you an energy boost.

  1. Gift Shops

There are several places visitors to the Grand Canyon can purchase souvenirs or one-of-a-kind gifts that can’t be found elsewhere. The Hopi House, built in 1904, offers visitors a chance to Native American crafts from local artisans. There’s also the Kold Studio gallery and bookstore, and Lookout Studio gift shop and observation station.

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