What to See & Do on Your Havasu Falls Camping, or Hiking Trip

Visiting the falls for the first time on a Havasu Falls camping or hiking trip can be slightly overwhelming. Where should you go? What should you see? Answering these questions beforehand will make your trip go smoothly and make certain none of the area’s beauty is overlooked.

An Adventurer’s Guide for Havasu Falls Camping & Hiking

How to Get There

One of the first things you’ll need to know when setting out upon a Havasu Falls camping or hiking trip is how to get to the main trailhead. The hike from Havasupai to the village of Supai is around 8 miles, then it’s another two-mile hike to the trailhead. Since it’s based in a canyon, visitors must hike in rather than drive their vehicles. Another way to access it is on horseback, or taking a helicopter to the base.

Enlisting a tour guide for your Havasu Falls camping and hiking trip can be beneficial, as many will be able to easily take care of any registration fees and transportation details to make things easier on you. Many also offer competitive rates for visitors and hikers who want to stay in the canyon for several days.

Stock Up on Supplies

With it being such a haul to make it to Havasu Falls, packing in everything necessary to keep you comfortable and well fed throughout the duration of your trip is recommended. This is because you likely won’t want to hike back to town once you’ve arrived. Be sure to pack plenty of food and water, as well as extra clothing and camping gear.

Remember that when hiking to the falls, you’ll be hiking into a canyon, which means when you leave you’ll have to hike out of it. Only carrying food and essential items will make your hike out easier, as your pack will get lighter with every meal.

Create a To-Do List

Camping in Havasu Falls for a few days will allow you to see nearly everything the area has to offer but create a to-do list beforehand just so you don’t miss anything. In addition to the main attraction of Havasu Falls, there’s also the smaller Little and Lower Navajo Falls, and Money and Beaver Falls.

Book Your Havasu Falls Camping or Hiking Trip with Discovery Treks

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