What You Can Expect on Your Half Dome Yosemite Trekking Tour

If you’ve just committed to taking a Half Dome Yosemite trekking tour, you’re probably excited. You might also be wondering about some of the details involved, like what to pack and what to expect along the trail. The wilderness-certified guides from Discovery Treks will make sure you’re safe and sound while hiking but making some preparations beforehand can also help.

Here you’ll find some pointers on what to prepare before striking out along the trail and what you can expect to see while hiking the Half Dome.

What to Bring

If you’re not a regular backpacker don’t despair, much of the gear you’ll require along the trail will be provided by the friendly staff at Discovery Treks. This includes all the pro-quality backpacking gear you’ll need, like a 65-75-liter Osprey backpack, sleeping bag and pad, hiking poles for when the trail gets rough and a high-quality, two-person tent. Our team also takes care of all the permits and passes you’ll need to access the park, in addition to freshly-cooked meals.

Some of the items you’ll need to bring along with you include:

  • Comfortable clothing (both for colder and warmer weather in case it’s chilly)
  • Any medications you require (bringing along some Ibuprofen can help make you more comfortable on those harsher hiking days)
  • A camera (there are some breathtaking views along the trail you’ll want to capture)
  • Comfortable hiking boots (try bringing boots that are already broken in, that way you’ll avoid discomfort and blisters along the trail)
  • For a complete packing list, download our guide here

What to Expect

Are you curious to learn what you’ll see along the trail on your Half Dome Yosemite trekking tour? On this ever-popular, three-day tour of the Yosemite Valley, you’ll first hike the Mono Meadow trailhead to Illilouette Creek, then spend a night under the beautiful stars. On day two you’ll visit the Little Yosemite Valley, hiking through it on your way to the Merced River and Bunnell Cascade and Moraine Dome. On the final day of your tour, you’ll behold the Half Dome in all its glory, then hike to Glacier Point and the Nevada Falls.