What’s the Best Season for a Grand Canyon Guided Tour?

When it comes to backpacking in Arizona, knowing the right time of the year to take a Grand Canyon guided tour is key. That way you can be sure you’re trek won’t be derailed by inclement weather, or your view of the canyon is obscured by pesky rain clouds.

You can’t control the weather, but Discovery Treks can provide you with some insightful tips to make sure that you have the best chance for beautiful weather on your Grand Canyon tour.


One common misconception of Arizona is that it’s warm and dry all year round. But actually, during winter the temperature can drop, in some cases even snowing. Such weather provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit the Grand Canyon covered in a light dusting of snow, a truly breathtaking sight. The winter chill settles in early November, with average temperatures of 40° Fahrenheit, so be sure to bundle up on your Grand Canyon guided tour.


Want to see the Grand Canyon bursting with new life, fresh plant growth, and active flora and fauna? Then visiting during springtime is a must. After the snow melts the flowers begin to emerge and the area’s deer and elk population come out to graze. If visiting during the spring, bring along a few warmer items of clothing, as mornings and evenings are still chilly.


Despite what you may think, summers in Arizona are often pleasant. There are of course scorching hot days, but this is more of an exception than a rule, especially in the area where the Grand Canyon’s located. Summer is a popular time to visit because visitors are often able to catch a rare glimpse of the thunderclouds rolling over the canyon to drop water on the Colorado Plateau.


If you’re a fan of the way fall can set a forest of autumn leaves ablaze, then taking a Grand Canyon guided tour during from Sept.-Nov. is ideal. As the weather cools and the leaves change, the canyon offers some exquisite views. Another benefit of visiting the Grand Canyon during fall rather than another time of the year is that you won’t have to fight the crowds.

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