Why Sedona Camping & Hiking Trails Offer Loads of Family-Fun

Finding a location that offers a little something for everyone in the family isn’t always easy, but don’t despair: a Sedona camping and hiking trip will keep everyone busy. The team from Discovery Treks has helped plenty of families enjoy their visit to Sedona, so they’ve compiled some insightful information for you below.

If you want to ensure every member of the family has an experience they’ll never forget, here are some of the reasons to take a Sedona camping and hiking trip.

A Spectacular Landscape

If your family is full of nature lovers, then Sedona is certainly the place for you. The area is home to some of the country’s most magnificent parks and landmarks. The Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon area offers visitors access scenic vistas, rustic settings, towering cliffs, and lush forest landscapes. At night, you’ll be able to stretch out under the stars and take in some of the country’s most beautiful celestial views.

A Host of Amenities

One of the reasons why Sedona is such a popular destination for families is because it offers a little something for everyone. More adventurous types might want to embark upon a trek along one of the many Sedona hiking trails in the area or trek to the top of Wilson Mountain, which offers a panoramic view of hundreds of square miles. There are a wide variety of Sedona campgrounds, everything from remote wilderness areas to sites that offer RV hookups. There are also a host of horseback riding and mountain biking trails, as well as heritage sites to visit throughout the area.

Great Restaurants & Local Landmarks

For those who want to take a trip into the city to see some of the gastronomic fare or even do a little shopping, there is no shortage of options. You might even consider taking a Sedona Hike & Dine Tour to get the best of both worlds. In addition to the many award-winning restaurants, there’s also a first-rate golf course and a wealth of art galleries and craft shops. You may also want to take advantage of the many spas and native/holistic health therapies popular in the area.

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