Why You Should Bring The Family On A Group Backpacking Tour In Arizona

Arizona is one of America’s most popular backpacking and hiking destinations for its desert terrain as well as deep canyons. It is known for its desert climate, but a trip to northern Arizona can also show you lush forests, the Colorado Plateau and mighty mountain ranges such as the volcanic San Francisco Peaks. It makes this a perfect spot for a group backpacking tour with your family.

Preparation Is Important

The key to backpacking with family is research and preparation. Understand what backpacking involves, select accommodation with younger and older family members in mind, always buy the kids their own backpacks and make sure they fit adequately. Other tips include not bringing too many clothes or toys and making sure you always have enough food and water. It also makes sense to take medical supplies and keep them handy. Finally, don’t expect everyone to walk too far and always have a backup plan. The thing to remember about backpacking is that it is lower-cost independent travel, not really hiking or trekking. It’s more about experiencing a place at your own pace rather than simply getting from one point to another.

Backpacking Trips To Consider

There are all kinds of trails, hikes, and trips available to please every member of your family. You can try a Havasupai Falls camping adventure, for instance, and spend 3-4 days exploring the beautiful falls. Then there’s a classic hike to the river that can introduce your family to hiking at the Grand Canyon National Park. You can opt for a Rim to Rim hike at the park or choose a Havasu Falls lodge-based tour for a more comfortable getaway. Other options include a Two Canyons adventure that lets your family visit Havasupai Falls and go on a hiking day trip in the Grand Canyon. If none of those options work, you can always create a custom outdoor adventure.

Backpacking In Arizona

There’s a reason why millions of people choose to come on backpacking adventures in Arizona with their families. Discovery Treks has been offering such experiences to customers for 25 years. For more information on guided hikes, adventure trips or camping tours, contact us today.